Dr. Wright

Dr. Ramard Wright, B.S DVM

Dr. Wright was born and raised in Milwaukee, WI. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biological science from UW-Milwaukee in 2004, and from UW-Madison with a degree of Veterinary Medicine in 2008. He actively participates in youth mentoring activities, recreational sports, and other community events.

Dr. Wright and his wife Candice have 10 children, including 6 boys and 4 girls. Three of the girls are triplets. He has two cats named Blackie and Cain and five dogs named Queen, King Jr., Xionna, Mary and Jane. He also has a Scarlet Macaw parrot named Picasso and Rainbow Boa who remains nameless. His veterinary interests include soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, exotics, and canine and feline wellness. He has worked in the veterinary field for over 20 years with several other clinics in southeastern Wisconsin.